The Stiff Collar: Successful Battle with Abandoned Carts

The Story

The collar defines the shirt and the shirt defines the man” is the belief they trust in The Stiff Collar, an Indian apparel company from Mumbai. Inspired by the English gentleman attitude, The Stiff Collar runs its ecommerce store with passion by incorporating British design with an Indian twist. The Stiff Collar takes pride in the finest quality of cotton fabrics with affordable pricing, different designs coming in different sizes so that everyone can choose, and a superb online service. Their strong online presence has helped them build a large internet community as well.  

The Expectations

The Stiff Collar currently runs different campaigns across the Google network as well as Facebook. They wanted to add a new kind of advertising strategy and to convert the cart abandoners, which is a problem that any ecommerce find difficult to tackle.

The Success

The Stiff Collar successfully implemented ROI Hunter Easy and after couple of months, they had plenty of high-value orders. Moreover, for the Stiff Collar, the dynamic remarketing campaigns work best with the cart abandoners (seen the picture) proving that these are the best and most valuable customers to convert. The Stiff Collar is an excellent example of a small business where dynamic remarketing has helped increase the sales without spending money on a marketing agency. After all, the interface of ROI Hunter Easy makes it is really easy to monitor the costs and purchases.

Great! Works like Charm. It is easy to install.”

Piyush from The Stiff Collar

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