In order to run a dynamic remarketing campaign, you need to connect ROI Hunter Easy App with your own Google AdWords account. This is the platform our ads run on and Google AdWords can bill you based on your ad spend. Creating AdWords account is very simple however requires few necessary steps. You can follow them here.

1. Start by clicking on “Create your AdWords account” in our app or by directly visiting



2. First, Google AdWords will invite you to fill in your basic info as seen on the example below.


3. In order to set up your account, you need to create an empty campaign. Select Your budget and enter the lowest amount possible (e.g. $0.1). You will be able to remove this campaigns as soon as you go through the initial screen.


4. The next step is very important as you need to fill in your payment details. Do fill in your info truthfully and select your payment method. If the payment method is not filled, Google AdWords will not display any of your ads.

Do not forget to agree with the Terms and conditions and click on Finish and create ad.


5. From now on everything is set and you can Go to your account.


6. As mentioned before, please stop or remove the empty campaign you have created at the start. This is possible after clicking on the small green sign to the left of the Campaign #1.


7. You can review or change your billing information by clicking on the settings icon and going to Billing & payments.


8. You can also access and fill in the billing info if you see the initial screen like in the picture below.  


Should you have some troubles while connecting, ask us for some more help!

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