How does Google Search work?

Welcome to the fourth episode of our Ads Academy with Google Partners Trainer Daniel.

This episode will be about one of the early ways of online advertising, Google Search

Daniel will tell you what are the strengths of Google Search. How does it work. And how can you utilize it to grow your business.

And what are the most important highlights that you should remember? 

Google Search Ads target people that are furthest in the marketing funnel. They are the people that are searching specifically for the product you advertise in Search Ads

With Search Ads, you can choose keywords specific to the product you sell while specifying the intent to purchase.

There are sever keyword matches you can choose from. [exact]; "phrase match"; +modifier; broad.

Relevancy has a high impact on the effectivity of the Search campaign. Because of that, you should include your keywords on the landing page and in the product description.


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