How does Google Shopping work?

Welcome to the third episode of our Ads Academy with Google Partners Trainer Daniel.

In this episode, Daniel will talk about Google Shopping.

You will learn what it is. How it works. And what are its advantages over other means of Google advertising.

Now let's go through the highlights you should take away from the video. 

Google Shopping displays your products next to or above results from Google Search Ads. And shows your products with both products picture and price of the product.

To start Google Shopping Ads you need to register to Google Merchant Center, claim and verify your website, upload .xml file of your product feed and connect the Google Merchant Centre with AdWords. 

You cannot choose keywords for your Google Shopping Ads, Google does that automatically based on information from your product feed. But you can choose negative keywords which gives you the possibility to create some kind of targeting.

The policies for Google Shopping are quite strict. Try to comply with them as much as you can because repetitive breaking of the rules can result in your account being suspended

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