How to choose right keywords

If you want to start running search ads and are wondering what should you choose as your keywords you came to the right place. Today Daniel will walk you through the way he chooses keywords for his ads. 

Try not to be too general or too specific when choosing your keywords. When you are selling shoes, keyword as general as shoes will not do the work. On the other hand, not many people will probably not look for the specific model you sell so using model names as keywords is too specific.

You aim to find the balance between how specific the keyword is and how much traffic it generates. For example, keywords like women suede shoes or Reebok classic are not too general but also could generate good traffic for you.

When you are searching for keywords you need some tool to make your analysis. The obvious choice is the Google Ads Keyword Planner. You can find in Google Ads -> Tools -> Keyword Planner. There you can find ideas for your new keywords, get search volumes for keywords plan and create new keywords plans.

Google will let you use this tool only if you are already spending money with Google Ads. Workarounds can be to either start some other campaigns first that do not require keywords, for example retargeting. Ask someone to use their account to find the keywords. Or use other tools like Ubersuggest

When you are adding the keywords to the account mind the matches. We have [exact]  matches; "phrase" matches; +modifier matches; broad matches. There is no way to tell which one is the best one for you. But the exact match will give you the most control.

Stay tuned for the next episode in which Daniel will teach you how to create your first ads! 




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