How to set up an account in Google Ads

Take a look at Daniels detailed walkthrough on how to set up an account for Google Ads. 

Each Google Ads account is associated with a Gmail account. You can either connect an existing account or create a new account specifically for Google Ads. 

At you can start the account setup. Preferably choose to skip the guided setup because guided setup requires you to set up and ad immediately. Choose your country, time zone and currency. This setting cannot be changed later so please chose carefully. Choosing should lead you into the account. 

Next, you need to set up billing. Go to Tools - Setup - Billing & payments. There you need to fill in your business name and other information associated with you and your business including credit or debit card number. You can also choose automatic or manual payment system. If you choose manual payment you will be required to send payment everytime you will run out of credit. If you set up automatic payment Google will bill you automatically if you run out of credit. 

If you are using ROI Hunter Easy app it will track your conversion automatically. If not you need to go to Tools - Measurement - Conversions and click on website conversions. Set up the name of conversion, choose a different value for each conversion. There you will need to choose a default in case there is an error during value transmission. Choose to count every conversion as conversion. Rest of the setting can be kept default for now. 

Shopify and similar apps usually have widgets for tracking conversions. So in the next window click Use Google Tag manager. Google will create conversion id and conversion label for you. You will need to fill those into the conversion widget. After that, you are done. 

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