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Show Only Relevant Product Ads Thanks To Our Automatic Categorization Of What Your Web Visitors Previously Browsed

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We match the ad to specific products.  We create remarketing audiences for you, so you don’t have to bother. 

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Track your web visitor journey accurately. From the home page to a single product to add to cart.

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We take care of the complicated and techy pixel tracking setup. We exclude the visitors who already purchased, so you save money for the relevant audience.

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Analyze your revenues, plan and stock ahead. Your business depends on it.

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We show you how much revenue and how many purchases the ads brought to you. 

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Stay relevant and advertize only products that are in stock.

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We create a product catalog that is always up to date.

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  • Ad creation in a few steps
  • Guided setup
  • Excellent customer support
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Mirelly Helmbrecht

Performance Supervisor, Dental Cremer

“With ROI Hunter we started to save time and money when creating ads. With a simple and efficient platform, we optimize automatically our campaigns and focused our efforts on new strategies."

Byron Koller

CMO, AYM Commerce

“Partnering with ROI Hunter to split test has helped us to gain insights with audience targeting and optimize our campaigns more effectively."

Tim Kossow

Content and Social Media Marketing, GastroHero

"ROI Hunter was the perfect partner at the right time. As a performance driven brand, we needed to prove (and improve) the ROI of Facebook in our marketing mix."

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