Webinar #1: How to advertise a Shopify store with Google AdWords

Do you want to know how Google advertising works? Do you want to know more why it is important to know what it can bring you? For example, what expressions like quality score and ad extensions mean? Well, then you are in the right place.

We are pleased to present you our first webinar.

Our guest was Thomas Mokosch, Google Partner Enablement Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Thomas tells you a little about why online advertising is important for your business. He also explains to you how ad auction works, what ads Google creates and where it can show them. Thomas also provides insight into why remarketing is significant and answers some of your most frequent questions.


Was it a little bit too much information in such a short time? Don’t worry you don’t need to remember all of it by heart. Here are a couple of things to take away from the video.

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