Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Products Ads makes following up your potential buyer even more powerful. Reach them on Facebook and Instagram with customized ads that make finishing the purchase even more tempting.

Ads enabling you to reach out to your past visitors through Facebook featuring the products they have been interested in securing even better conversion rates.

Facebook Dynamic Retargeting helps you get your products on screens of 2 billion people using Facebook every day, presenting them ads featuring the products they have shown interest in before and effectively helping you bring back your past visitors and finish the sale.

The ROI Hunter Easy platform automatically takes care of the product catalog creation and ad setup without any fees. You’ll only pay directly to Facebook for the ad spend as if you created the ads yourself.

  • Easy setup - connect your account, the rest is done automatically.
  • Product catalog creation - a free creation of the complete product database necessary for ads creation
  • Tracking ads performance - you will see how many sales the ads brought to you
  • No additional fees - you only pay for the ad spend invoiced by Facebook
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

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Tudo na Moda: How a small businessman made loads of money via Facebook retargeting

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