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Can I edit my ads?

Sure thing! Once you create the ads, you can edit them as much as you want, there are not many limitations. Once the ads are created, you can click on the Settings button next to the daily budget of the campaign and then edit the text, logo or anything you like, really. 

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How much daily budget do I need?

We usually recommend at least a 10 USD daily budget per campaign but the actual amount is entirely up to you. While setting up the budget, please keep in mind that some of the countries tend to be more expensive than the others. If you're really unsure about the daily budget, think about the size of your business - think about in what value you receive orders daily and set up the budget according to that. You can also always ask our support team, they're here to help.

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What are the ad texts good for? Are they the same for all the ads?

The ad text is important because it gives the first main message and information to your customers. It’s one of the factors that attract and influence the customer; therefore, it should be unique and interesting and match the area of your business. The set text is always the same for all our ads. To find more tips and information, use this link.

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Will I spend the entire allocated budget every day?

The set-up budget is the average daily maximum you are willing to pay. The final amount depends on how likely it is that the customers will click on the ads. This means some days you won’t spend the entire budget and some days you’ll spend slightly more, but the average amount won’t be higher than your budget.

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How to add Google tracking code to your Wix Store

Here is a step by step manual on how to add the necessary Google Code to your website to track the results of your ads. If you need any help with this, please reach us out to support@easy.roihunter.com  and we will be happy to help you more. 

At the Wix administration panel: 
1. Go to Settings => Advanced => Custom Code
2. Select Conversion Tracking (last option)

At the Code settings part: 
1. Insert tracking code from RH Easy
2. Name the code (for example “Conversion tracking”) 
3. Add Code to Pages section set: “Choose specific pages” - and add there the Thank you page
4. Place code in: Head

Switch to Code Type part: 
1. Set Marketing
2. Click Apply

Done! If you have any difficulties with this setting, let us know please. 

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