Increase online sales. Easily.

Whether you want to run ads on Facebook, Google Display Network or Google Search, ROI Hunter Easy has you covered. Automate your advertising – in a few clicks.

The plugin works on various eCommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce and more) and is used by small and medium-sized businesses. The goals are clear - to grow ROI, boost conversions and to have no more abandoned carts and people leaving at checkout! And that’s exactly where our plugin can help!

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Let customers find you

Let customers find you

You want to be right there when your potential customer is searching for your product or service, right? Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. Match relevant search queries and bring traffic to your store through Google Search Ads.

Let customers find you

Increase your sales

No customers yet? Run remarketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display to convert them into buyers. Remarketing keeps your ads in front of people who have previously visited your site. Set up your ads within seconds and watch them increase your sales. Online marketing is simple with us!

Let customers find you

Beautify your ads

Create better-looking and better-performing ads for all your products with you clicks. It’s really that easy. Pick a design you like, add free shipping or sale label and capture buyers attention.

Supported platforms

Your success is our success. No matter what you sell.

Mirelly Helmbrecht

Performance Supervisor, Dental Cremer

“With ROI Hunter we started to save time and money when creating ads. With a simple and efficient platform, we optimize automatically our campaigns and focused our efforts on new strategies."

Byron Koller

CMO, AYM Commerce

“Partnering with ROI Hunter to split test has helped us to gain insights with audience targeting and optimize our campaigns more effectively."

Tim Kossow

Content and Social Media Marketing, GastroHero

"ROI Hunter was the perfect partner at the right time. As a performance driven brand, we needed to prove (and improve) the ROI of Facebook in our marketing mix."

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All the features you need

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Capture the attention of your customers even if they are not currently on your web. Remind them what they forgot to buy throughout the powerful banners across the Internet.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Products Ads makes following up your potential buyer even more powerful. Reach them on Facebook and Instagram with customized ads that make finishing the purchase even more tempting.

Google Search Ads

Bring relevant visitors to your web with Google Search Ads. Find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer.

Advanced Campaign Structure

Advanced campaign structure for reaching maximum ad effectiveness. High performing campaigns reflect our best practices from the online marketing world.

Facebook Ad Overlays

Facebook Ads Overlays will make you stand out from the crowd. Separate your ads from a visual clutter of sameness on Facebook with our beautiful designs to convert even more buyers.

Smart bidding

Don’t worry about optimizing your campaigns. Use our machine learning algorithms to yield best results for your money.

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