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We'll provide you with all the essential tools and its up to you how you use them.

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We'll provide you with all the essential tools and manage these tools for you to meet your business goals.

Campaign Management

Access to Ads Academy
Email support
Campaign set up
Creating a marketing strategy
Monthly strategy check
Onboarding specialist
Dedicated account manager
Campaign Optimization and Customization
Early access to Facebook and Google beta features


Google Search
Google Retargeting
Facebook Retargeting
Instagram Retargeting
Facebook & Instagram Ad Overlays
Google Shopping
Facebook Prospecting
Instagram Prospecting

Technical support

Creating and updating product feed
Managing conversion funnel
Conversion tracking
Google Merchants Center integration


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Mirelly Helmbrecht

Performance Supervisor, Dental Cremer

“With ROI Hunter we started to save time and money when creating ads. With a simple and efficient platform, we optimize automatically our campaigns and focused our efforts on new strategies."

Byron Koller

CMO, AYM Commerce

“Partnering with ROI Hunter to split test has helped us to gain insights with audience targeting and optimize our campaigns more effectively."

Tim Kossow

Content and Social Media Marketing, GastroHero

"ROI Hunter was the perfect partner at the right time. As a performance driven brand, we needed to prove (and improve) the ROI of Facebook in our marketing mix."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ROI Hunter Easy free?

The Basic Plan is free. What does it mean? We create the product feed, campaigns and ads for both Google and Facebook and this is for free. You only need to pay the ad spend that is billed by Google and Facebook.

If you choose the Premium Plan with our beautiful Facebook Ad Overlays, we charge $19.99/month for their use after the free 14-day trial. You also pay for your ad spend.

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Do I pay to ROI Hunter directly?

No. If you are a Premium Plan user, you are billed by Shopify every 30 days for the use of Facebook Ad Overlays.

For both Basic and Premium Plans you are paying for your ad spend. The ad spend is invoiced by Google and Facebook so there are no hidden fees.

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Can I cancel my Premium Plan subscription anytime?

Yes, you can. Simply go to the Billing section of our app and choose FREE plan.
However, mind that the billing cycle is 30 days and this cannot be changed.
So for example, if you cancel the subscription on the first paying day, you will not be refunded for the rest of the month. Also, cancellation is effective immediately, as soon as you cancel you will lose access to the Premium Plan features.

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What's your refund policy?

If the premium features didn’t work for you because of an error on our side, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can offer you a refund or extend the trial for you.

If you uninstall our app before the first day of the independent app billing cycle, you’re not charged for the following month. If you uninstall it after the first day of the billing cycle, you are charged. There is no pro-rating. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if you forgot to cancel the subscription on time. Read more.

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How much money should I invest in my ads to see a positive return on ad spend?

Important, yet very tricky question to answer. Surely everyone wants to know “if I put $XYZ into this marketing channel, what will I get back and when?”

The answer could be to start conservatively (say $10 - $20 / day) and see the effect of your budget on your revenues. If revenues are great, don’t be afraid to raise your budgets as well. If you are really unsure what can you expect, drop us a message. Our marketing experts will gladly answer all your questions.

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