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Ad Copy & Ad Extensions

17 Oct 2018

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Before you create your first ads take a minute and listen to what Daniel has to tell you about Ad Copy and Ad Extensions

With Google Ads, you can use up to three headlines and two descriptions

Each headline lets you use 30 characters and each description lets you use 90 characters.

Other fields to fill are the final URL, that is the URL of the ads landing page. And visible URL, that is URL the user will see in the ad.

 Users usually scan the content of the search engine result page not reading the full thing. Usually then clicking on what most resembles the search query. Because of that, you should use your keywords in the ad copy, especially in the Headline 1 and visible URL.

Other best practices are using calls to action (Buy now!), percentages (Extra 20%), numbers (10 years of experience), and everything related to the price (Cheap). 

But Google has some restrictions. You can't use an exclamation point (!) in the headline or use more than one in a description. Also, restrain from using an excessive amount of CAPITALS, special characters, and multiple punctuations. 

Always use final URL that leads directly to the page that is most relevant to the content of the ad

Ad extensions can give your ads additional functionality. Site links are links to more specific parts of your website relevant to the content of the ad. They serve to navigate the user more quickly to the desired topic. For example, if the user searches for insurance, the site links can present pages for car insurance and travel insurance. That allows him to skip the process of going through the whole website. 

Call out extensions serve for presenting your uniques selling propositions. Like free delivery.

Call extensions serve to give the user your phone number so he can call you. 

Local extensions let you present the address of your brick and mortar store to the user. For this, to work, you need to connect Google My Business account. 

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