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How does remarketing work?

15 Jun 2018

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Welcome to the second episode of our webinar series Ads Academy with Google Partners Trainer Daniel.

In this episode, Daniel will talk about the remarketing ads.

You will get to know what remarketing is. How remarketing works. And what are the technical necessities to run remarketing ads yourself.

What are some of the highlights you can take away from the video?

Majority of users, up to 99%, do not finish their purchase on the first visit.

Remarketing ads serve to bring back the visitors that did not make the purchase.

You should segment the remarketing audience by recency and progress in the conversion path.

There are two main types of remarketing ads, static and dynamic.

To set up remarketing ads you need remarketing tag and product feed.

Google has a limit of at least 100 users per remarketing list.

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