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What is Quality Score & Ad Auction

23 Oct 2018

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Your position on the Google Search engine result page is determined by your Ad Rank. The formula for Ad Rank is bid * expected impact of ad extensions * quality score. The weight of each factor is not completely known. But it is known that quality score is one of the most important of them.

The quality score consists of three main factors. Expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience

Expected CTR (click through rate) tells Google how often users click on your ad when they see it. If they click a lot, Google knows that your ads are interesting for users and Google should include you in results.

Ad relevance basically tells if the keyword is included in your ad's copy. To learn more about ad relevance watch our last episode

Landing page experience consists of multiple factors like page speed, the difficulty of navigation and relevance of your landing page for the keyword

You should always target keywords that are included in both your ad copy and your landing page. Your landing page should be of top quality from both technical and content perspective. And your ad should be attractive for the users it targets. 

Quality score scales from 1 to 10. The quality score of 10 should be reached for your branding keywords. You should have those in your domain and on your landing page multiple times. 

With quality score 1-2 it will be hard for you to even display your ads. 

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