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How and why to write a good product description.

30 Aug 2018

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Many e-commerce owners, especially the ones who are just getting into the e-commerce industry, seem not to be very much bothered with product description writing. Many of the beginners think that writing good product descriptions is at the bottom of their to-do list. They are concerned with getting the right design and theme, setting up all the social network accounts for their store, finding products with the best margin, and other pressing issues. 

Some owners of drop shipping businesses have taken the matter even further and often don’t write any descriptions at all. It’s understandable. Why should you write a new product description when you have so many other things to do? Why not just copy the one from your supplier? 

A good product description is a very significant factor for every e-commerce business. This study found that 20% of unfinished purchases are due to lackings in product descriptions. That’s why we’ll give you five crucial tips on how to write a good product description and three good reasons why.


How to write a good product description

There are many complex and lengthy articles on this topic, so we'll focus on five crucial points of good product description writing. To help you come to grips with it, let us show you the process of writing product descriptions for our new (fictional) socks store.

Know your product

This one is mainly for some of the drop shipping stores out there. It’s not just about picking the products you can sell with a high margin. You need to know the products you’re going to sell.

When you choose your products, or better yet, when you choose the niche for your store, do your homework. Read about it, and learn how it works, what is important and what is not.

Even something as simple as socks can have many different aspects we should know if we want to sell them. What materials are they made of? What are the advantages of these materials? Are they good for summer or winter? What about sports socks? What kinds are there and what technologies are used in their production? This way you'll always know what to write into the description so it doesn't have to stay empty.


As the owner of a business you should be an expert on the product you sell. Obviously, there are large differences in what knowledge you need for different niches. The owner of a drone store will need to know much more than the owner of a clothing store. But rest assured that product knowledge is very often what differentiates successful stores from the failing ones.

The more you know about the products you sell, the easier it will be for you to write a product description to win the customer over.


Tailor the description to the product

One thing to remember when writing a product description is to tailor the description to the specific product. Each product will require a different description with a different amount of information and detail.

Take, for example, plain white socks. Their description probably won’t be long. There won’t be much to write about mainly because everybody knows what socks are about. With this kind of product, it’s absolutely OK to write just a few things. For example:


But once you slightly change the product to, for example, running socks, that’s a different story. People looking for running socks will require much more information than just the size or color, so you need to write the product description according to their needs. The information about the material, length, cushioning, or used technologies will be suddenly much more important. The product description could read like this:


Make it easy to scan

What is our description lacking is the possibility to scan it quickly. You always need to consider the fact that different people need a different amount of information about the product. Some people won't read the whole description. They will just scan it to find specific information. 

People who want to buy their first running socks might need a detailed product description to help them learn more about the product and decide whether to buy it. Others have already bought several pairs and might look for something specific. They won’t read the whole description; they’ll just scan it quickly to see if the product meets their needs.   

That is what bullet points are for. Adding bullet points will give you the chance to present the most important information in a few lines.


However, using bullet points doesn’t mean you should compile the whole description in bullet points. They are an addition to the product description. They serve to point out the greatest benefits and selling points. If you use them right, you can get a product description that is rich in information and presents the most important features of the product in a few seconds.


Use influential and CTA words

This advice might seem a bit like dark magic or fiction but some words are better for convincing people than others. Copywriters use these words all the time to get attention and emphasize their points. By using these words when writing a product description, you can enhance your selling points and convince more visitors to actually buy the product.

What are the words and how do they work? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

It turns out that people are much more likely to do something you ask them to do when you give them a reason. And strangely enough, it doesn’t even have to be a good reason. Even if you have a very weak reason, people tend to do what you said just because you said because.


This one is not really a surprising one. People love free stuff. What might be surprising is how much they actually love it. It turns out that making something free will change their decision even if it means saving just one cent. Nothing can beat free.

Other powerful words include: new, instantly, introducing, secret, inspire, announcing, increase, discover, and many more.

You can find many other influential words in this article. And this greatly researched article explains how it works.

Other powerful words are words used for calls to action (CTA). It has been proven many times that the best way to make visitors do something is to tell them what you want them to do. That is what CTA words are for. Calls like Shop now, Get x% off, Buy now, and others in your copy and a CTA button can have a great impact.

Find more CTA words in this article.

Do you want to see them in action? Let’s take a look at the description for out Trainer socks and try to make a few enhancements. 


It might not seem as much of a difference but words do have power. And if you describe something as attractive, stylish or remarkable, many people will see it that way.


Be consistent

The product description should be consistent – and I don’t mean just its tone. You can make mistakes even at a much more basic level such as the appearance of the product description. And it can take the quality of the whole website down if two quite similar products have very different descriptions. For example:


It’s not that unusual as you might think. 

So before you start thinking about what tone is right for your audience, make sure that the style of your product description is consistent. Make sure the font, the size of the headlines and the product description is the same on the entire website.

Then you can start thinking about the tone you want to use for communication. If you choose to be funny, stick to it for every product. The same applies if you choose to be formal.

If you don’t know how to start, the easiest way is to write the same way you would talk to a customer who would come to your store. Just tell them why you think they should buy the product from you.


Why to write a good product description

If you still aren’t convinced about the benefits of writing your own product description, let us give you three main reasons why we think every e-commerce business should write their own product descriptions.

Write a good product description to sell


Business is the main reason why every store should write product descriptions for the products they sell. The product description is the single source of selling points you have on your website. You can think of it as a salesman who helps customers in the store with their decision. The product description can give them all the necessary information and show them the benefits of the product.

You are the one who knows a lot about the product and you probably read a great deal about it before you started to sell it. But for many people, the description may be the sole source of information they have. And if you won’t provide them with all the information they want, they will look somewhere else and probably never come back.

At this point, some owners of drop shipping stores will probably argue that the description they copy from the distributor has all the necessary info. But think about its quality. Does the description make you want to buy the product? If not, you should probably try to write one of your own. 

Or think of it in a more practical sense. When you copy the description, there is nothing easier for your website visitor than to copy it and find the same product for the supplier’s price.

Write a good product description to help your customers find you


You’ve probably heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a way of optimizing your website and content to help you appear in search engine result pages for specific search queries. In other words, it will make you visible to people looking for your products. Getting the attention of people interested in your product is better than any promotion you could have.

How does it work? Search engines go through your website and list your content to reference it with search queries. So, to be able to rank in search engine result pages, you need to decide what keywords (search queries) you want to rank for and put them into the content of the corresponding product pages.

Where to put the keywords exactly? There are four specific places on your product page where you should have keywords:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image tags (called ALT tags)
  • Product descriptions

There is a very little chance you’ll be able to rank in any search engine search results if you don’t have a quality product description.

Write a good product description to access more functionality


There is another reason for writing your own quality product description. It’s a reason not many people talk or even know about. But the fact is that a quality product description will let you access more functions for online advertisement.

For example specific functions of Google Search Ads.  One of the functions is a dynamic creation of Google Search Ads. Google Search Ads appear on the search engine result page for specific keywords chosen by the advertiser. But when created dynamically there is no need for choosing keywords.

When you create these dynamic search ads, Google will crawl your website and note its content. From the content, it can automatically generate ads for search queries corresponding to the content. That takes the hard work off the advertisers’ hands, and it can even help them to find keywords they wouldn’t think of.

But for the dynamic creation to work, the website must have quality content that can be used for ads. Specifically, the product description is very important because it serves both as a source of keywords and a text for the created ad.

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