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The Importance of the Audience and Remarketing List

23 May 2017

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After installing ROI Hunter Easy and connecting the AdWords account, you will see something like this in your AdWords campaigns administration.


You might be asking “That’s it? Is it running already? Why are there zeros for so long?” This article aims to explain why it takes some time for your ads to start running.

The reason is simple: the audiences and remarketing list. But let’s take it step by step.

Imagine a basket. A new cookie is tossed in it every time a new visitor comes to your website. And every visitor has its own unique cookie. So at the end of the day, you can count new visitors by counting the cookies in your basket. 

Remember that repeated visits do not count. The visitors need to be unique. That means that one visit from one person will put one cookie in the basket. Ten visits from one person will still put only one cookie in the basket because it is only one unique visitor. 

The basket is your remarketing list. The collection of cookies is called the audience. In your remarketing list are listed all your recent visitors ie. audience.

And you are interested in your visitors because they are interested in your product. Even if they haven’t purchased anything during their first visit on your website. You want to be reminded to them and try to bring them back.

When the basket is full, Google AdWords can finally use it. The ads ROI Hunter Easy creates will start showing when the basket has at least 100 cookies in it from the past 7 days.

Remember that AdWords counts the visit in exactly 7-days window. Any visits that are older than 7 days will be discarded. So in uncommon situations, the number of visitors might decrease for some time.

After installation, ROI Hunter Easy creates a lot of such baskets. Each basket represents a different activity of your visitors. You can find these stats on the lefthand side in Audiences. You will see the Cart abandoners, the Category page visitors and the Product page visitors.

All the remarketing lists, represent the activity of your unique visitors in a given time frame (the past 7 days)


This, of course, can take time depending on how many visitors your e-commerce web has. The smaller e-commerce owners have to be more patient. The collection of the audience can sometimes take more time. Larger e-commerce shops could have the audience ready in 2 or 3 days.

It only depends on your website traffic. The more traffic, the sooner your audience will be ready and your ads will start to show.

Furthermore, it depends on the purpose of the remarketing list. Product view and Category view get filled much faster, because visitors come and go, and they often browse through a lot of product pages. There are fewer cart abandoners, however, so this bucket will probably be filled as the last one.

But don't worry Google AdWords only charges you for the running ads. You won’t pay for the time when the buckets are being filled and ads do not show yet.

Please note that the number of visitors you can see in the app may be delayed compared to the actual state of visits. This state is caused by AdWords which update the number with 1-2 days delay. 

If you want to see the current numbers available in AdWords click on one of your Audiences. There you can see a graph of recent visits and how many cookies are currently in your remarketing list. 


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