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10+ Tips For Making Your Ads Stand Out From the Crowd

20 Aug 2017

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Displaying relevant ads to customers is important no matter how big of an advertiser you are. ROI Hunter Easy provides even the smallest ecommerce with targeting your visitors via dynamic remarketing ads. Retargeting ads have a roughly 75% higher chance to be clicked on than others. There is a required input for the ad creative no matter how easy it is to create the ad. What are the tips and tricks for making people click on your ad? Stay tuned and keep on reading.

Don't be satisfied with default

Generating the ads with ROI Hunter Easy is very easy; however, the true foundations of the campaigns lie in the ad visuals. A smart and clever ad creative can really lead people to do that desired click. Don't miss this opportunity. ROI Hunter Easy generates ads from the collections on the e-commerce website. The pictures and product descriptions will be taken from your collections so you can directly influence the quality of pictures and description in your ads. The higher the quality of the product pictures, the more trustworthy your ads will look. ROI Hunter Easy also enables you to add your own texts that accompany the ads in the app itself.  Remember, your audience already knows your products. They have already visited your website but, for some reason, did not follow through with a purchase. That is why you need a magnet in your ads.


Simple tricks, big results

When thinking about the appropriate text, take your time and don’t rush. The app isn’t going anywhere and a well thought out strategy might bring more fruits than a hasty half solution.
Think simple since the space and the attention of the viewers are very limited. You want to trigger an immediate positive emotion and create a call to action
Think about your unique selling points. Is it free shipping that differentiate you from your competitor? The lowest prices on the market? An original design? High quality products? There is always something unique about your business. Write your USPs down and try to shorten them to one or two phrases. 

Use the incentives such as in promotion and description to give a sense of urgency to your deals that will only last so long. People seeing such ad will be most likely to click and finish the purchase. Or give away promo codes, vouchers and other exclusive discounts or inform your audience about free shipping. Always keep your promises. Don’t make your customers cancel their order because of the inconsistencies in your promotion strategies. Don't forget to edit your campaign if you have a new promotional offer. 
Tip: Edit your campaigns when the web traffic is at its lowest, for instance at night. The ads usually get re-approved very fast after the editing. Then they can be thrown back to the advertising world quite fast, ready to be served again.

Let your customers know what will follow. Don't forget the call-to-action button. Whether it is Shop now, Comprar aquí, Achetez ici or another language options, it will represent the action the customers can expect after clicking on the button.
Attention! Do not write Click here! (in any language equivalent) as this directly violates the Google ads policy and such ads with this call-to-action will not be approved.

Last but not least, always use the option of uploading your logo. Your ads will be immediately recognizable (not to mention the fact that Google sometimes does not approve ads without logos). Imagine that your customers are targeted with similar ads. Given the Google standard looks of the ads, adding your logo will certainly serve you well and help you stand out. 

All of the above-mentioned tricks come together in a single notion: you should know your audience. Surely, you have a lot of insights about how your customers react to your products. Try new keywords in your ads or new promotional strategies. Keep your products database up-to-date so that only relevant ads being served. You should never settle with something that works just OK. Experiment instead!

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