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01 Aug 2018

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We are very happy to announce that we have implemented a feature that can help you create attractive eye-catching ads in few clicks. The feature is called Facebook Ad Overlays, and it will take your ads to another level. The idea behind the feature is very simple. Plain Facebook ads are bleak and overlookable. 

A plain picture with short text is what common Internet users see all the time since that is basically what the Internet consists of. To get their attention, you need to go further. You need your ads to be compelling, eye-catching, popping out of the screen. But how to do it if you don’t want to spend hours learning to use Photoshop or hundreds of dollars for graphic designers?

Facebook Ads Overlays is the answer

With a wide variety of overlays at your disposal, you can boost your ads appearance and prepare for any possible occasion. How exactly? Let’s take a closer look at how we implemented the overlays to our dummy store All Crazy Accessories.

First, we had to choose one of Facebook Ad Overlays from our wide selection matching the design of the handmade earrings in the store. Of course, you can choose any overlay that catches your eye.


Next, we had to decide on what kind of information we wanted to present to potential customers. We wanted to inform people about the sale that the store is running and the fact that it has free worldwide shipping. We set the ads to show both the original price and the sale price, so potential customers could see how much they could save. 


We also checked the free shipping option. Free shipping will let you set how large the order has to be to be eligible for free shipping. Since our store offers free shipping for all orders, we left it set to zero. If we later decided to offer free shipping only to orders over $50, we could easily set it up here.


Next step is to give the ads the colors you like. You can keep the preset colors of the overlay, but we chose to pick the colors that would go nicely with the store’s logo.


That’s it, nice sharp ads set up in just a couple of minutes. But the best thing about it is that you don’t need to take our word for it. The whole concept of Facebook Ad Overlays and its benefits have been tested in practice.


ROI Hunter has been creating Facebook Ad Overlays for large clients for some time now, and the results are awesome. The overlays ads have boosted the revenues from Facebook almost three times and the conversion rate has increased by 15%. Take a look at the success story.

And if it works for large online businesses, why wouldn’t it work for the smaller ones too? We are not saying that this improvement has been only due to the overlays. ROI Hunter has many highly skilled marketers that work very hard. But a good portion of the success has been brought by the overlays. And every sane entrepreneur would be thrilled even by a tenth of such a growth.

And there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this opportunity and boost your business too.

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