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Research: dynamic remarketing in AdWords - technical requirements and expenses

18 May 2017

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For small and medium businesses (SMB), it is important to spend their budgets wisely. Excessive spending for outsourcing to digital marketing experts is, unfortunately for SMBs, not a common practice. The result is low sales and revenue or the feeling of missed opportunity on the market.

Many SMB owners do not understand this. “I am out there, my e-commerce website looks great, offering lots of awesome products, and easy to find. Why isn’t it reflected in my sales numbers?”

The key to higher sales lies in reminding your customers of your e-commerce even if they are not currently on your website. This can be achieved by meaningful targeted display ads anywhere on the website, anywhere in the world. Targeted display advertising, the so-called dynamic remarketing is a powerful tool that helps you reach the visitors of your website and remind them of their forgotten links or abandoned carts. Dynamic remarketing is set up via Google AdWords.

For many people, however, this is tough. With so many settings and variables and new trends, AdWords is difficult to get right when running an e-commerce business.

But there are ways how to make dynamic remarketing happen. Hiring a digital marketing expert and an IT person could be one of them. The cost, however, is not small, mainly due to the ranges of tasks s/he needs to accomplish to set up dynamic remarketing campaigns. According to our researched estimates, this is how much money you need to sacrifice.



Product feed is the most important thing when it comes to e-commerce. Each product needs to be carefully defined. It is a bit of a rocket science, especially if you don’t have prior experience with it. For a skilled IT person, it can take 3 hours to make. Costs: USD 200.


Another really important thing is the AdWords remarketing tag. This short code adds the website visitors to the remarketing list. You need the same IT person in this case and 2 hours of his/her time. Costs: USD 160.


After feed and tags, the real “fun” begins. Creating campaigns and ad sets is quick, but creating hundreds of single ads together with pictures? Plus further optimization. AdWords specialist needs approximately 8 hours for this kind of work. Costs: USD 640.

The three items above are not static. The feed and tag need to be updated with every product update as well. The campaign performance needs to be watched, the budget needs to be adjusted, etc. Therefore, the IT experts usually cost more than a one-off payment.

This is when ROI Hunter Easy comes in handy. After free installation, you will connect your AdWords Account and set the sum you want to spend. Then, everything is automatic. ROI Hunter Easy generates the feed and implements remarketing tags, and then it creates campaigns and ad sets for you. The best thing? You choose how much you want to spend a day. Then you can just wait for audiences to be filled.

What are audiences? How important is the remarketing list? Read about it here>

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