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10 tips on how to improve customer experience and convert traffic into sales

20 Mar 2018

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One of the most common issues for e-commerce owners is not being able to convert visitors into customers. No matter how many visitors you get you have to strive to give them the best experience possible because every visitor on your site is an opportunity to make a sale.


Part of the problem why it is hard to convert visitors to customers comes from the way people behave when shopping online. Let’s take a look at some official figures from Google. 96% people leave store without making a purchase. People generally like browsing through stuff but they’re hesitant about spending their money. 70% visitors abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase and 49% visitors usually need 2-4 visits before they buy anything. Try to think about every visitor as an opportunity and make use of remarketing.

However, many e-commerce businesses have quality problems that result in the lack of trust. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They are interested in your product, looking at it on your website. But no one wants to spend their hard earned money, unless they trust that you will deliver. It doesn’t matter how much your product costs, when it comes to shopping online, people are just generally careful. That’s why you need to make your page as trustworthy as possible. The following 10+ tips on how to improve customer experience and turn your traffic into sales may help you with this

Create detailed About us page

This is an absolute must. People never buy from an e-commerce that has no history. A store without an address seems shady and customers won’t trust it. Always add the address and country of origin for your store to make your customers trust you. But don’t just stop there: you can say a lot more about your store and about you to make the customers interested.

Do you have an interesting story? Has something driven you to start your business? Is there a reason why you’ve become interested in your product? These are the things you can add on your About us page. People like to know who they are buying from. It’s always nice to know that the people behind the store are interested in the products they sell. It will make you and your store much more trustworthy. And if there’s an interesting story involved, it’s even better because stories do sell.


Set up credible communication channels

Now that your customers know who you are, make it easier for them to contact you. Do add your contact information such as an email address. Please don’t use your personal email address and or a Gmail account which don’t seem very trustworthy. Do invest into a domain and create a store email account. If you run store named All for Pets, customers can contact you at info@allforpets.com. Details are important and they make a difference.

One of the best possible ways how to make it easy for your customers to contact you is to set up a contact form on your site. Through contact form they can easily inform you about issues they might have. It can also boost credibility of your store a great deal.

If you want to boost the appearance of your store, think about adding real-time communication channels such as phone numbers and/or a chat. Especially chats have been gaining popularity recently. But before including them, think of how much time you can invest in your e-commerce business. Communicating with your customers may be time-consuming. If you don’t have enough time, it will limit the functionality of your tools. And not responding to your customers may cost you their trust.


Give the customers all necessary information

Give your customers all the information they need when considering a purchase. And I don’t mean just the product information which is a must – other important information may help you make a sale or result in losing customers: your return policy, delivery terms, and shipping costs. This kind of information should be clearly presented on your website. Customers who don’t find the information they need may abandon their carts just before making a purchase.


Focus on product description

A good product description is one of the most important things in e-commerce. A plain description of the product properties, however, isn’t enough; you need to tell your customers what the product can do for them. Make them feel like they need the product right now. Try to think about why your customers may need your product. Is it useful or fun? Describe what it can bring them, why should they buy this product.

When creating the description try not to use the description from manufacturer most of the times it is a generic description with little detail and is not very attractive. Try to make up your own description, original descriptions always attract more customers.


Structure product description

When it comes to descriptions, they should have the right length. If they’re too short, your customers won’t get the information they need to buy the products. But too long descriptions may discourage them from buying. Try to think like your customers. Think about the information they need and about your product. Simple and cheap products don’t need lengthy descriptions, but if your product is more complicated or luxurious, your customers will definitely need more details before making a purchase.


To structure your product descriptions try to use dropdown elements. They let customers alter how much information they see. This way they can read about what interests them and skip information that isn’t important for them.


Use high-quality pictures

Yes, you need pictures of your products to sell them, everybody knows that. But many people make the mistake of putting low-quality pictures on their store site. This may often discourage the customers. Once they see blurry, pixelated or poor quality pictures, they leave the store and probably won’t come back. Do use high-quality pictures. Try to look at them with the customer’s eyes. Would you buy such a product? Never show pictures that you find imperfect; your customers will judge them even harder than you.


Make a use of reviews

People always look for other people’s opinions. That’s the reason why there are so many review sites. Reviews are also one of the most useful tools you get as a store owner. Show positive reviews of your product, customer reactions, and what people like. Your customers will search for reviews anyway. By adding your customers’ reactions to your page, you’ll make them more interested and more likely to purchase your product.


Optimize your call-to-action

Nobody likes complicated things, especially when they go shopping. If your customers need to look for information at any point, it’s more likely they will just leave the store. Make shopping in your store as easy as you can. The easiest thing you can do is to optimize your call-to-action button. This way you’ll encourage your customers to buy the product.

The CTA button should stand out on the page and feel natural to help you generate sales. It has to have a different color than the rest of page it must never blend in with its surroundings. When your customer comes to a product page it must be the first thing he/she sees.


Minimize visual distraction

Once you get the customers to your product page, you don’t want to distract them. You want them to see the product, the information they need, and the call to action button. Everything else is just a distraction. Try to keep your page as clean as possible. Try to take a look at everything you have on your product page and ask yourself: does the customer need this to make a purchase? If not, maybe you should just leave it out.


Make the customers come back

The fact that customers left your site without making a purchase doesn’t necessary mean you lost a sale. Most people just don’t make a purchase on their first visit. Remarketing engages people who had already visited your site. They may look for your product because they already know about you. Use remarketing to remind them you are there and still offer what they need. It’s one of the most successful advertising techniques. If you don’t know how to go about it, try checking out our ROI Hunter Easy app; it will help you set up your remarketing campaign in a few clicks.



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