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Powerful AdWords account structure

03 May 2018

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Before anyone becomes well versed with Google’s AdWords, they need a period of trial and error learning. During this period, the beginner users often make mistakes that make it difficult for them to work with AdWords. To help you avoid those mistakes and make better use of your work with AdWords, we offer you 5 tips for creating a powerful account structure.

Set up a clear structure

AdWords has a clear tree structure with three levels: account, campaign, and ad group. Your account is split into campaigns, and those are split into ad groups. Each campaign should focus on a specific product range. Ad groups in the campaign should be even more specific.

This helps you create specifically targeted advertising that addresses exactly the audience you want to. When creating the structure of your account, take a look at how your store is structured and try to structure your AdWords account in a similar way.


This structure will make your work with AdWords much more efficient and it will help you manage your advertising. With the structure, you can effectively measure which ads bring you customers, and edit your campaign accordingly. That helps you create well-targeted advertising which brings value to you and helps you grow your business.  

Name your campaigns logically

This is a very simple tip but it can help you a great deal. Working with AdWords is time-consuming but it will consume much more of your time if you aren’t able to navigate through it. So make sure that you name your campaigns to identify them immediately. It will help you manage your advertising and save much of your valuable time.

There are several ways you can name your campaigns to organize them. You can choose and combine these ways according to your needs.

One of the easiest ways to organize your campaigns is to name them by advertising purpose. That will tell you right away what ads are running and where.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

DIS (Display)

REM (Remarketing)

DYN_REM (Dynamic Remarketing)

If you have a store that sells products in more countries you may want to name the campaign by geographical location.

WW (Worldwide)

US (United States)

EU (Europe)

You can also name the campaigns by the age groups they are targeting.




Give one theme to each campaign

As we have already mentioned, you should create your account structure according to the structure of your website.

Each of your campaigns should represent and focus solely on one of your product ranges. For example, an e-commerce that sells camping equipment would have one campaign focused on tents, another one on sleeping bags and another one on cooking supplies.

Structuring your account like this will help you get better results and make your work with AdWords easier.


Create multiple ad groups

The number of ad groups will vary depending on the size of your business and the number of products you sell. To maintain a good structure, try to have multiple ad groups for each campaign you create.

Having multiple ad groups for each campaign gives them narrower focus and lets you target the specific audience.


Theme your ad groups

Like campaigns, each ad group you create should have a single theme. Try to focus each ad group on a single line of products you sell.

For example, the store that sells camping equipment could create ad groups like family tents, popup tents and backpacking tents for its tent campaign. This will help them create focused and highly specific keywords and ads, which can help bring the right customers.



We hope you find this article useful. If you liked it, check out the rest of our blog to see more tips on online marketing. And stay tuned for our next article on choosing the right keywords for your business.

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