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FASHIONOPOLITAN: Increasing Facebook retargeting performance with Facebook Ad Overlays

06 Nov 2018

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The story

FASHIONOPOLITAN is a considerably new online clothing store that commenced operation in 2018 in New York. The name is a derivative of the term “cosmopolitan”. To be cosmopolitan is to be open to different ideas and trying new things. And the team from the company is true to its name. In just a few months they grew in a rapid paste. And they are now delivering stylish clothes to thousands of happy customers across the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia with operations in both London and Brooklyn.

The expectations

The goal of the team starting FASHIONPOLITAN was to gain brand awareness and generate sales quickly for reinvestment. When looking for tools to implement they noticed that they could implement overlays on to their Facebook retargeting ads, with ROI Hunter Easy, giving them tons of options to choose from.

"We were spoiled with choice.​"


The result

Their results were absolutely consistent with their rapid growth paste. There is no better way to describe it that in their own words. 

After these overlays from ROI Hunter were implemented into our ads, we really started gaining traction. Within days, we got ROIs of around 13X and above. A complete game changer! This all came about very shortly after initiating the campaign. In fact, it took only 4 days to generate this ROI. We have been truly amazed with the gains ROI Hunter has helped us achieve, in such a short space of time. A great stand-alone platform, or to complement your ad agencies.

They have been able to gain 13X times more than what they invested in the ads in just 4 days! That is an absolutely amazing result. You did a great job and we in ROI Hunter Easy are very happy that we could help you with it.  

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