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Inspiranza Design: Combining a passion for jewelry and amazing products with the right audience on Facebook

18 Sep 2019

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Dating back to 2005, Diane Lawrence and Dawn Pochek, two BFFs, combined their passion and love for sterling jewelry to found Inspiranza Design. With the help of Facebook ads, Inpiranza Designs is a company anyone can look up to when it comes to jewelry sales online.

Being in business for over a decade and based in Columbia, Illinois Diane and Dawn built an amazing customer base throughout the years. What helped them stand out from the crowd is the handcraft and personalized approach to silver sterling  jewelry and the mission which is to “spread joy with beautiful jewelry that makes you look and feel beautiful and to bring inspiration and hope to ladies through a message piece with our rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces” 

First aiming at customers with direct sales, in 2012 they decided to change to online jewelry boutique. Diane and Dawn like the hands-on approach when it comes to online marketing as well. Being dissatisfied with online marketing agencies, they installed ROI Hunter Easy. What they were after is quite simple: leveraging powerful technology and their rich product catalog to boost their sales together with easy-to-understand easy ads tool with online metrics that can monitor sales. ROI Hunter Easy enabled retargeting ads and with that came immediate success of sales 

We have had amazing results with ROI Hunter. In the month of June alone we had a ROAS of 10.61 with 519 purchases. Our spend was $4,622.38 and the return was $49,044.27. This is better than we have done with any of our own facebook remarketing ads. I would recommend ROI Hunter to everyone. It's an amazing product. Just wish we would have found it sooner. Thank you ROI Hunter...keep up the great work! 

Later, prospecting ads were added too and leveraging great customer base of Inspiranza Designs. With powerful Facebook placements limited not only to the Feed but also Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories, the new audience found its way to the shop and started purchasing almost immediately.  

Inspiranza Design truly inspires all small and medium entrepreneurs that with a good idea, strong and honest brand and great customer base, Facebook retargeting and prospecting ads can move the sales from online business to a whole new level.  



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