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Mava Sports: Increasing Ads Performance Without Heavy Lifting

05 Oct 2018

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The Story

Finding a workout glove and other compression garments could pose a real challenge. This is what 2 founders of Mava Sports thought back in 2015. At the height of the CrossFit movement, the timely establishment of the brand could not be better. With the idea of enhancing athletic performance with safety and efficacy through innovative gear, they expanded to over 7 markets enhancing the lives of more than 500.000 athletes worldwide backed by an active community on Facebook. Originally started on Amazon but scaling was the only option after the sales skyrocketed in the first year.


The expectations

Though the reach and success are tremendous, Mava Sports possesses a small marketing team which is seeking ways to make their lives easier. They are running basic campaigns in Google Ads and have seen some good results in their Shopping campaigns. But if anything can be automated so it should be and if the results are easy to understand and success immediate those are the traits a small marketing team is really looking for.

Achieving performance is our mantra here at Mava Sports. We made no exception when we decided to work with ROI HUNTER and we saw that AdWords campaigns have increased in ROI due to our collaboration. Setting up campaigns such as Remarketing and Dynamic Search Ads with ROI HUNTER was effortless because we didn’t have to deal with technical details. Even more, our account manager gave us monthly valuable tips on how to increase CTR with a lower budget which helped us improve performance.

Setting up dynamic remarketing

The complicated technical background for dynamic remarketing made Mava Sports approach ROI Hunter Easy to target those who came to their website but have not followed through with a purchase. Setting up remarketing through ROI Hunter Easy was seamless and they started targeting their visitors almost immediately.

Over a half a year period, they managed to recover a lot of highly valuable abandoned carts with an amazing ROI of more than 10!

Leveraging Google Search Network

Guys from MavaSports would not stop just there. In a quest for bringing more and relevant traffic, they started using Search Ads dynamically created with help of ROI Hunter Easy. In general, this type of campaign has the power to show a dynamically created search ad but without the hassle of learning about keyword structure and different bidding tactics. MavaSports started to use Search Ads just recently, and it has already landed conversions with more relevant traffic to remarket later which is a really powerful combination of ROI Hunter Easy campaign types.

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