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Download the latest version by clicking on the button above. For the installation manual, refer to the text below. 


Installation Guide

Note: Before any installation, we recommend that you back up your Magento 2 store.

The official way for installing extensions on Magento 2 is via the Component Manager. You can find it under System > Setup Wizard.

Component Manager

And then continue to the Component Manager. There you will login to your Magento Marketplace account where you will see all your purchases and updates. ROI Hunter Easy is free and you can find it on Magento Marketplace here>   Magento 2 will then take you through the installation wizard.


Component Manager

Manual Installation

At ROI Hunter, we prefer and recommend manual installation because it’s faster than installation with the Component Manager. Also, your shop won't be offline during it. On the other hand it requires admin access to your Magento server.

Simply download the latest version of the ROI Hunter Easy extension available from GitHub here>

Copy the downloaded zip file to your server here <magento_installation_path>/app/code/

The final structure will then look like this:

Manual Installation

After that, you must run this command in the command line to register the extension:

php <magento_installation_path>/bin/magento setup:upgrade


Plugin installation should be completed now. But it is always a good idea to deploy a static content and clear the Cache. Static content can be deployed by the following command:

php <magento_installation_path>/bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

The Cache can be cleared after you log into the admin panel and go to the SYSTEM -> Cache Management. You can refer to the screenshot below.

Manual Installation

You will find ROI Hunter Easy extension as a new tab on the left-hand side on the bottom. After clicking on it, you will start with initiation wizard for ROI Hunter Easy where you also connect your AdWords account.


Having troubles or difficulties with the installation process? Chat with us or write us an email!

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