Fresheees: Increasing Online Sales in Less Than a Week Thanks to Remarketing

The Story is a healthy food online store from Bratislava, Slovakia with customers all over Central Europe. They are focusing on the fast delivery of premium exotic fruits, vegetables and other healthy lifestyle products. A large variety of exotic and healthy fruit and veg immediately filled the gap in the Slovak market. And the numbers of amazing feedback collected from customers did not take long to skyrocket.

The Expectations

As it is quite a common in case of a small business dealing with lots of customers from 4 countries and does not have much time to spare for advanced marketing, especially when it comes to complicated campaign structure. Fresheees is really active on social media offering a lot of exotic products which are currently in season, to raise awareness. However, before using ROI Hunter Easy, they had no real experience with paid advertising in AdWords, let alone remarketing. They did, however, recognize the need to remarket people who left their website without a purchase from the very beginning.

The Campaign Ads and Settings

The campaigns are still running and serving dynamic ads with a custom feed automatically generated by ROI Hunter Easy attached to it with placements ranging from classic display network to Youtube and Gmail.

The full automation was secured for tags as well. The conversion and remarketing were created automatically, seconds after the installation. The dynamic remarketing campaigns are aiming at visitors’ activity from the past 7 days, more specifically according to the precise visitors’ journey on the website. The campaigns are divided into View Category, View Product and Cart Abandoners. 


The Success

Thanks to the attractive product selection and good traffic, could kick off the remarketing campaigns in almost no time. The success was there immediately and in just 3 days of remarketing, when the first orders landed, the remarketing generated an amazing ROI of 28. After half a year of running dynamic remarketing with ROI Hunter Easy, the ROI stayed as high as 14!

We really recommend this app. Easy-to-use, fast and friendly support and nice result after few days of using. Remarketing/Retargeting is a "must-have" for all e-shops so don't hesitate and try it. 


Currently, ROI Hunter Easy began with the testing of Dynamic Search Ads as Fresheees would like to increase the traffic and boost the results for remarketing campaigns as well.

The collaboration of Freshees and ROI Hunter Easy is a great example of how simple yet powerful advertising strategies can boost the sales literally instantly. And Freshees itself is amazing proof of how a small business can profit off the advertising in Google Display Network. 

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